Japan fir Ufänger

Wat sinn déi éischt Impressiounen als Tourist a Japan? Wat muss een dohanne maachen a wat léist ee besser sinn? Wat ass méi gäil, zu Okinawa am Pazifik schwammen oder zu Shinjuku an der Omoide Yokocho Strooss, dee leckerste Streetfood erafeieren?…

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Happy chic place

Portugal’s Alentejo region was once one of the most important provinces of the Roman Empire. Today, the beautiful and scarcely populated region is known for its open horizons and kilometres of cork and olive groves. Dive into magical Alentejo and…

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Magical trip

Known for its strikingly beautiful landscapes, cultural heritage and braw clans, Scotland is one of the most visited countries by nature lovers and hopeless romantics. On the traces of Bonnie Prince Charlie, this ten day trip will guide you on…

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Digital nomads

Well, it’s been a while now but Madi’s Wanderlust series has returned and it’s time for the big finale! From travel photographer to freelance dancer – we’ve had them all and today it’s Lynn and Alba’s turn to take you…

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Dancing Queen

When winter has returned, hands feel like ice and your dreams take you to far-off beaches under the blazing sun, then it’s about time for the second part of Madi’s Wanderlust-series! After Lora Wagener shared a glimpse into her photographer’s…

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Do you ever get that feeling? This urge for exploration, the sense that you need to head out into the world and discover new places? Wanderlust has become the word of a whole generation, describing what we all have in…

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Kaddo fir mech

Kennt dir de Wanterblues oder d’Wanterdepressioun och? Et ass ee midd, keng Loscht eppes ze ënnerhuelen, schlapp an och nik gutt drop. Tjo…dat sinn alles Unzeeche fir en Mangel un Luucht. Am Wanter kréie mir nik genuch Dagesluucht of. Wéi och wann et ëmmer donkel ass?…

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Wellness pur

Um der Winterdepression entgegenzuwirken empfiehlt es sich gerade jetzt der Seele und dem Körper etwas Gutes zu tun. Die Großregion hat so einiges an Wellnessoasen zu bieten. Auf einem Hügel in Bettel, ein kleines Dorf in der Nähe von Vianden,…

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