Every year fashion magazines such as Vogue or Elle publish their own trend book inspired by what was seen on the catwalk, what celebrities post on their IG and what experts say will have a comeback. Well, at madi’s we decided to do our own trendsetter prognosis and here’s what we got: Bling-Bling!

In 2022, we believe that rhinestones will be the shit again and we don’t mean in a Swarovski-jewelry-kind-of-way but literally everywhere. We all loved glitter and pretty shiny things when we were little girls and even today, the most remarkable dresses and makeups of Hollywood are the ones that sparkle – guess why we call famous people ‘stars’. But, while the Madonnas and Katy Perrys of the world spend thousands and thousands of dollars on getting the right look, the real shine can be worn by anyone because glitter does not care about price. Remember, not everything that glitters is gold but everything that glitters is always fabulous!



Let’s start with a massive throwback: do you remember the early 2000s when every blonde girl wanted to look like the Spicegirls and we kids from the ‘90s put a lip-gloss-kiss in every friend book? There’s one thing most people had long forgotten but that has now made a comeback on social media, namely the little shiny stones glued to teeth for the little extra for your smile. While back in the days, we used to just have one silver gemstone on one of our incisors and called those ‘Skyce’, todays artists have taken it level-up and create whole patterns and motives on our teeth. Creativity comes as it goes: from small so-called ‘Twinkles’ to ‘Dazzlers’ made out of gold foil cut into shapes such as hearts or letters straight to full-out tooth tattoos, that can be washed off after a certain amount of time.

The one thing to be aware of, though, is the fact that these small accessories are not a DIY-thing but should be put in place by a professional, which can be either a dentist or a licensed esthetician. While you may find sets with rhinestones for teeth in any drug- or beauty store, our dental enamel is a pretty fragile thing and should only be touched by the hands of someone who knows their business. Especially when it comes to the preparation of the teeth and the choice of glue, the expertise of a professional will always be better than your own – trust us.



The same goes for rhinestones applied to gel nails, although anyone knowing how to do those by themselves can also be considered qualified to add a little shiny touch to their end result. The internet is full with different gemstones that can be used for nails, varying in size, color and shape and every good beauty institute or nail salon can offer at least one drawer full of sparkling accessories. And while it might take a few days to get used to the new look – and feeling! – of your relief-style fingertips, they simply look awesome. Cool color plus shiny stones? Always a good match!

When we’re talking about the bling lifestyle we can’t skip the makeup part. Hell yes, we love a good face paint including rhinestones! Now, don’t think because it’s February we’re referring to carnival looks because the little gems can also be integrated in much simpler and less festive looks. Just try it out: do your usual evening makeup and put one single stone right next to the corner of your eye, whether it’s inside or outside doesn’t matter. The change is massive because this one tiny piece of glitter can give any smokey eye a real wow-effect and will make sure you don’t only catch the eye of a few people, without being over the top (although some would argue that there can never be too much glitter, and we’re not yet sure where we stand on that one).



The good news: while our intro focused on the all-time love of females for anything that glitters, the catchy accessories mentioned above can be worn by anyone, no matter what style, gender or skin color. Because let’s face it: there’s a reason why bands of the 70s chose the name ‘Glam’ or ‘Glitter Rock’ for their genre, why Marilyn Monroe declared diamonds as a girl’s best friend and why famous rap legends such as Lil Wayne or Jay Z choose to put so-called ‘Grills’ on their teeth – glitter has and will always be cool and that’s exactly why we say: give us that Bling Bling!


Laura Tomassini

Mady is looking back on 18 years of experience in the Luxembourgish media world. She quit her job at Revue to launch an online magazine in which importance will be given to what makes us feel good – inside and out.

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