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I am delighted to offer for the first time an officially glimpse into my new legal book that I am writing at the moment. I chose Madi to share this message as I believe her to be an inspiration for many women in Luxembourg and her being in my opinion a hardworking, fun and just wonderful human being. On her website I am proud to take part as fellow Luxembourger and are delighted to reach out to all of you before the Christmas holidays.

Now a days, we have the great blessing to live in an innovative and inclusive period of time for women. With social movements such as the #metoo movement issues such as sexual harassment, abuse and blackmailing are finally on the top of the agenda. I have had the privilege to work with incredible women from all over the world who have stood up for their own believes and the injustices in their societies. These women have shown me the importance to stand up for what is just. Of course, it is often easier to put one’s head in the sand and let the storm pass. However, this is not the education I have received at home and my father has always thought me that it is important to stand up for your own believes and happiness as there is no one else who will do that for you. I believe that everything happens for a reason and even though we do not always have a choice in the circumstances we find ourselves in, we do have the choice to look at it from a positive and constructive perspective and make the best out of it. That is also the reason why I chose to represent myself in court.

Of course, I do not have a legal education. However, through diligence and perseverance I achieved the unthinkable. I stood up in front of a High Court judge facing two opposing barristers, several solicitors, and the press. Indeed, a very unusual environment any mother would find herself in. I did not do it to prove myself to anybody. I spent my days making sure my two sons are well taken care of and happy. That is why I took my courage and stood there all by myself and argued my case.

There are millions of women who face similar situations around the globe and I want them all to know that I stand strong with each and every one of them also in Luxembourg. I have received many letters from women living in Luxembourg and their experiences with the legal system at home.

I found that there is no literature on being a litigant in person that actually explains the whole procedures, the legal documents needed, timelines, specific style of approaching the court, and of course the emotional burden it puts on a human being. For the first edition, I will focus on the UK as this is the legal environment I was exposed to while including testimonies from women from all over the world. I hope my book will give support and guidance in such difficult times. A divorce is never an easy time for anybody involved, husband and wife. It is a time where one needs to acknowledge that what was before is now gone and that it is time to rethink one’s life and ambitions. As a fact, it has been one of my most difficult times I have ever needed to face. I am looking forward to sharing this piece of work with you in due course and wish you all a Merry Christmas from my sons and me. We love Luxembourg very much and each and everyone of its wonderful citizens. Luxembourg has the great gift of diversity which makes it one of the most inclusive and innovative countries I know. I hope that the progress I have seen over the last years continues, such as the new initiative to make all public transport absolutely free. As a fellow Luxembourger living abroad this makes me very proud to read, see and experience when at home. A reflection I would like to share with you in light of this upcoming Christmas season and new year celebration: “Stay happy, stay healthy and be kind. It is easier to judge, yet much more rewarding and fulfilling to support one another.

You can be the change maker in your community. Start today, I believe in you. From one Luxembourger to another”.

Love, Tessy.

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