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I tried different brands of natural and also herbal hair care products, some of them were PR gifts and some of them were store-bought. They all have in commun that they are silicon free and sulfate free.

I needed to change my hair care products because I didn’t like the way my hair felt with my basic shampoo. I used to buy Schauma by Schwarzkopf because it was very cheap and for many years it suited my needs very well. But habits change and your hair changes as well with time and years so I was looking for something more appropriate. I wrote this article because I want to share my own experience with our readers.

There are so many natural and herbal hair and skin care products on the market, it’s been quite of a boom recently and of course I have only tested a tiny percentage of those products. NATURAL AND HERBAL DOESN’T NECESSARY MEANS GOOD. You have to keep that in mind. Here are the hair care products that I tested by brand, I will give them from 1 * to 5 **** stars, 5 being the best.

Naturaltech – Replumping Shampoo *****

This was the first shampoo I tested and I liked it because my hair was cleaner with it. Can I say that? It wasn’t greasy at all, which was the problem with my old shampoos. For delicate hair prone to breakage. Luxuriously creamy and sudsy, Replumping Shampoo moisturizes, protects and enhances the elasticity of hair. Your hair appears thicker, fuller and is protected from breakage. It’s a bit pricey but I would still recommend it.

The Renaissance Circle mask ****

This mask helped my balayage damaged hair to look and feel better. Formulated with highly nutritious babassu butter and yellow clay: babassu butter detangles to restore softness, silkiness and body, and the copper and iron-rich yellow clay helps to re-compact the hair structure, making it look healthier and stronger.

Bain micellaire (shampoo) *****

I’m a big fan of Aura Botanica products, they smell so incredibly good. Aura Botanica combines natural, earth-derived ingredients such as coconut and argan oils with advanced luxurious Kérastase formulations for truly effective care that leaves hair with a healthy glow.

  • – 48 hours durable nutrition
  • – Gentle micellar cleansing
  • – Pollution shield to stop particles from clinging to hair
  • – Hair is soft and more manageable
  • – Natural touch, healthy glow
  • – 96% Naturally derived formulae


Masque fondamental riche (mask) *****

Ideal for dry hair in need of deeper conditioning, Masque Fondamental Riche is a rich nourishing hair mask that provides 96 hours of lasting smoothness & frizz control. Applied on washed hair, this masque is enriched with nourishing agents from the Amazonian Brazil Nut Oil. Also pricey, but hey, you want your hair to be healthy and beautiful! Definitely one of my favourite masks.

Jasmine flowers and sesame oil nourishing shampoo **

What I like about the Source Essentielle shampoos is that you can refill your container in your hair salon. The packaging is also really pretty with the flowers in it. This was a PR gift an I don’t think that the jasmine flower and sesame oil shampoo was the right choice for my kind of hair. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it, but it was not MY shampoo.


Aloe essence detangling cream ****

The detangling cream has a nice fluffy consistence which I like, I like anything fluffy. It is absorbed by the hair and really helps to detangle it. I have fine hair that is difficult to comb and this cream is great to detangle your hair without violence and damage.

Coriander strength source shampoo ****

I was surprised by this product line because I didn’t think that non professional hair care could be so good. The coriander scent is very strong and it my not suit every nose but I liked it. My hair was fresh and it didn’t feel heavy .

  • – Strengthens, revitalises and invigorates weak, thinning hair
  • – Associates 3 Botanical oils: Coriander, Soya & Coconut oils
  • – The packaging is made from 100% recycled materials (except for the dye)


Coriander strength source mask ****

The mask fits perfectly to the shampoo and you really only need a tiny bit of it.

Nature box avocado oil shampoo *

This was definitely not my shampoo, it left my hair oily and I had to wash it after one day. I tried it a second time to be sure of the result. I won’t use it anymore. I don’t like to throw products away, so if you live in Luxembourg and if you didn’t make a bad experience I would be pleased to give you this shampoo.

Nature box avocado oil conditioner *

Same as the shampoo. Didn’t like it and won’t re-buy it.


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